So, let’s start off with our most frequent FAQ, shall we? How do you pronounce Lielle? Well, its much simpler than most think. Lielle, pronounced ‘Lee’-‘ell’ is taken from the end of our names, NataLIE and DaniELLE, the sister co-founders of our style conscious womenswear brand. Cool, ey?!  

Lielle was born back in the middle of 2017, when after years of Fashion Collage for the two of us, a gap year for Natalie, a degree for Danielle and plenty of retail work thereafter and in-between for us both, we decided to collaborate and create a brand based on our strong love and passion for fashion, design and styling.  

We began with creating a collection of Made-To-Order pieces and excitedly launched on our website, in late 17’. The range of garments designed and manufacture by ourselves In our North-East based studio, were unique and individual, many of which still stand with us today over 2 years on. Some however, will never see the light of day again, like that basque peplum top we created which had around 15 panels that was just an utter nightmare to construct, never again!  

Roll forward a few months or so to spring 18’ and things had changed, requests for bespoke commissions were so frequent our focus became more about Made-To-Measure creation, an area in fashion design that we had gained a lot of knowledge in after working within that particular part of the industry for some time. The current took us along and before we knew it we were working solely on bespoke garments and our online collections went on the back burner. 

All the while, working busily away on individual, bespoke garments, the few collections we’d launched at the beginning were ticking over online and but admittedly not a lot of attention was given to adding  newer and fresher designs due to our time being spent heavily on the Made-To-Measure service we were offering. However, a handful of designs were loved for the get go,  and come summer of 2018 one piece in particular began to soar. Introducing The Balie Top… 

The Bailie Top in Black

 The Balie Top, as we said was loved from the get go, and was featured on some of Instagrams favourites including one of our absolute fashion favs, Tia Lineker 

Tia Lineker Bailie 

Then, one day, our phone flashes up, ‘Message from Chloe Lewis’. Queue screams. The beautiful Chloe Lewis had seen our top, our Balie Top and she wanted to get her hand on it. But, for that evening. It was 4pm, she needed it for 7pm and were at least 5 hours from her, we were GUTTED! We’d thought we’d missed our chance of delivering to someone we could have only dreamed would notice our brand! Chloe agreed to let us to send it to her anyway, but we still thought the opportunity had been missed. The Balie Top, in Ivory and Bamboo was delivered next day, but sadly missing the event Chloe so desperately wanted it for! 

A few weeks later we were finishing up at the office after a day of working tirelessly on some more bespoke garments and ‘ping’ goes the phone. ‘Chloe Lewis tagged you in photo’ queue more screams. 

We could have never have prepared our selves for the work to come for two seamstresses in one very small unit. We roped in the help of friends and family to press, pack and post to fulfil the orders that came flooding after our feature on Chloe’s feed.  

Along with the orders came more requests from amazing names, again we could have only imagined would notice our brand. Rochelle Humes, Gabby Allen and Amber Turner to name a few. The craziness continued in the office and before we knew it, it was October! We bumbled our way through Christmas, feeling a little behind after a whirlwind summer but were eagerly excited to see what the summer of 2019 was to bring!  

The following year didn’t disappoint! Spring/Summer 19’ was equally as mental but with along side the website buzz we were still working heavily on bespoke and Made-To-Measure and with a wedding for Danielle and a honeymoon to follow, the website updates and refreshers came to a stand still again, we were unable to have the time to create anything new with the sheer amount of personal orders we’d taken on.  

Our online customers loved the Balie, they were buying not one, but two, even, three, four, five and more. They wanted to see more, they wanted more colours, more styles and most importantly they wanted it order and sent that same day, something we didn’t offer. A lead time of 7-10 days was in place to help us with the demand of both website or bespoke orders. But that simply wasn’t good enough, these girls wanted it for a holiday in Marbella, a night out at the weekend or a summer birthday bbq, most girls weren’t thinking 7-10 days in advance, they were last minute or they just simply didn’t want to wait, and we wanted to deliver! We had ideas being sparked every single day but no time to act on them, so something was going to have to give. 

The day Danielle returned to work after her honeymoon we decided if we wanted to push our unique designs to new heights and showcase all we can do, we’d need to take the plunge and cut out ties with Made-To-Measure and Bespoke and shift our time and energy entirely to our website. It wasn’t an easy decision and it was a scary choice to make but the end of June this year we closed our books to individual orders and our main focus on our Ready To Wear Collection began! We finally had time to experiment and expand on all the ideas we’d been throwing around the office for the past two years! The pattern cutting and design process began and next minute we had a whole range of newness to release to our Balie mad customers! The collection, released in late September was without doubt another hit, and it brought a realisation that we’d made the right choice to follow our passion for what we wanted to create and showcase to the world!  

Our latest Wrap Top range this season has been loved for its jumpsuit feels. The tops can be paired with matching boot cut Alba Trouser which give an ‘all in one’ illusion but with the added bonus of being able to wear time and time again as separates. Because the days of buying a statement dress you’ll only wear once are over! And aren’t we glad!  

We are massively about re-wearing and reworking our garments. It’s sustainable, for both the planet and your purse. Take our iconic Balie Top for instance, Wear with our matching pencil skirt for wedding vibes, add your favourite mom fit jeans and strap heels for a night out with the girls then pair with leather trouser and layer over a shirt for day drinks.  

Be an outfit repeater!  

Work on Spring/Summer 2020 has started and although its Christmas, the warmer months has been our main topic of conversation in our office. Maybe because we will be enjoying Natalie’s Hen Do in Ibiza and the excitement of creating a full collection based on our wardrobes there is getting too much for us! Eek! We cant wait to whisk our ideas up into a reality and be wearing them at OB! Roll on July 19’! 

You may be thinking, you started this brand over 2 years ago, why blog now? Well, if you haven’t met us, you may not know, we love to talk, about anything, and everything, all day, every day! And A LOT to say when it comes to our brand, and all thing fashion! So what better way to fill you guys in on our thoughts, feelings and views on everything Lielle and more, than a little sit down and us jotting it all out to you? (who are we kidding, this took AGES to write)

We hope you enjoy this get to know us and hear all about our journey so far and we really do hope you come back for more! Until next time ladies, and gents!  

 Love Lielle xx 

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