Natalie and Danielle Futo are co-founders of Lielle Womenswear.

Growing up in a hands on family, the sisters were influenced to ‘do what makes you happy’ and to the girls, that was to get creative.  After both attending fashion college, Natalie spent many months traveling the world, coming home with the hopes and dreams of starting her own business.  Meanwhile, Danielle, the older of the two, furthered her knowledge in the fashion industry, completing her degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising at Manchester Metropolitan University.

After Three years of working along side one another in the fashion industry were they mastered the art of designing, manufacturing and retailing, the pair felt like it was a natural progression to launch their own brand. With contrasting and complimentary skills, the British sister’s, full of talent and courage, began the journey towards their dream in June ’17.

Now, Establishing their own fashion label, they work hard to release monthly luxury collections, creating modern contemporary pieces, which you’ll want to treasure forever. Their main focus is delivering unique designs at affordable prices to the every day women. The quality conscious brand carefully selects stunningly beautiful fabrics for their UK designed and manufactured garments.

They pin it and post it so follow their label grow from strength to strength and as it continue to build a presence in the fashion world.

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