Our company outlook extends further than timeless designs, with our own eco friendly fashion at the forefront of our decisions.

Being a growing fashion brand based in the North-East of England with small team of skilled pattern cutters and machinists with a strong knowledge of the industry. We work together to create innovative and unique womenswear at Lielle. 

All designed and manufactured collections are created in house within the UK. We base these processes within the UK to ensure our garments are always produced in an ethical manner. Allowing us to with keep a close working relationship with our design and manufacturing team. This level of relationship is something that is a key focus to our fashion brand. We are proud to be a fashion brand that cares, that never loses sight of the bigger picture.

Our runs of manufacturing even amongst our superbly popular items such as the Bailie remain small. This ensures that the products which we produce are in demand therefore we produce almost no unsellable products. We design garments to ensure the greatest fabric rating is used which leaves us with very little to no fabric waste

We strongly promote a zerowaste attitude within our brand and are always working on ways to use our fabrics and cloths to the best of our abilities. Any rare remaining fabric cut offs are donated to local schools and collages for textiles and art projects.

Our eco friendly fashion ethos not only helps decrease our footprint but also allows us to maintain a relationship with our local community. 

Lielle womenswear create seasonless fashion

Eco Friendly Processes

We researched ways in which we can improve our sourcing of sustainable fabrics and cloths, and work alongside fabric representatives to source suitable fabrics to be able to create a range of garments for an Eco-Collection sometime in the not so distant future.  

All fabrics and cloths used to create our current collections are of the highest quality and are designed to last. The garments in which we create are timeless, not just trendy. We promote rewear, rework and restyle to our customers and  we aspire to give them styling options and advice.

This ensures the garments customers buy from ourselves last a lifetime not only in quality, but in purpose. Again this approach of eco friendly fashion benefits not only the planet, but our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

We have made conscious changes to reduce plastic from our packaging and are now 100% plastic free in our shipping services. All our garments are now despatched in recycled boxes and postage sacks, wrapped in recyclable tissue paper. 

Our postcard you’ll receive in every package are designed to be admired and kept but are also fully recyclable. We have now moved our returns form online to be one step further to a becoming a paperless company.   

Lielle Womenswear Eco Friendly Fashion

Re-Usable Plastic Processes

Prior to sale, a selection of our Lielle Loves Collection are received in single use plastic, this is something we are actively looking to improve. 

However, we currently reuse this plastic to store our In House Collection garments during the change over from a cut garment to a stocked garment. Acting as a protection to ensure the garments stay of highest quality whilst being stored before sale.

This plastic packaging is then reused continuously, taking it from a single use plastic to a reusable one.

It is inevitable that we would receive this plastic with our Lielle Loves Collection, however, we are taking actions to ensure it is as sustainable as possible 

With the ever growing concerned surrounding the eco-system, we at Lielle are focused on ensuring our brand is making positive steps at all times. Alongside others within the industry we strive to make for a better future in fashion. 

We will continue making conscious decisions and creating systems within our business which will improve oufootprint, making for a more sustainable future.  

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